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Automotive DC motor pre-driver from STMicroelectronics simplifies EMI optimization and saves power

Cars as a comfort zone: the evolution of the interior

Compact SMT transformers for gate driver applications

Boosting SMT throughput with single- and dual-lane upgrades

Powerful single-chip RZ/V2H MPU for next-gen robotics with vision AI and real-time control

Better Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7 antenna design with cutting-edge parasitic element coupling device

Customized silicon chips from Saxony for material characterization of printed electronics

Testing AI and IoT LSI inspection equipment: New flying probe tester for probe cards

New Adapter Board RAB3 for radar-based applications in distance measurement and people detection

Effective solder masks: the key to optimized soldering processes

New R & S NPA family of compact power analyzers for all power measurement requirements

New flying prober simplifies testing of complex PCB assemblies at DESY

Radiation-tolerant PolarFire® SoC FPGAs offer low power, zero configuration upsets, RISC-V® architecture for space applications

Zollner Elektronik AG relies on energy-efficient and cycle time-optimized alternative to thermode soldering

New MOTIX™ motor gate driver IC: enabling easy migration from 12 V to 48 V systems and full support of functional safety

Next generation CoolGaN™ Transistor families built on 8-inch foundry processes

Saki’s advanced optical inspection boosts quality assurance at US-headquartered Smart Modular Technologies

Silicon Labs streamlines energy harvesting product development for battery-free IoT

A new era in field testing for diverse applications

electronica 2024 showcases smart energy solutions for the future

New eBook focused on micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology

Events calendar 2024