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Processor roadmap for next-gen automotive SoCs and MCUs

Leading edge semiconductor research on 200/300 mm wafers in the heart of Silicon Saxony and Europe

Keysight i3070 Series 7i: Optimized in-line high density in-circuit test system for PCB assemblies

SuperTan® tantalum-cased wet tantalum capacitors provide military H-level shock and vibration capabilities

Innovative fault location system for the repair of PCBs

Lowest power image sensor family for smart home and office

Würth Elektronik launches research project HyPerStripes

Improving ADAS and AV safety with Teledyne FLIR thermal-imaging integration and Ansys AVxcelerate Suite

Vital signs monitoring capabilities get a boost thanks to ultra-low noise AFE sensor technology for wearables

Siemens extends leadership in EDA designfortest with the launch of Tessent RTL Pro

AI-Powered PCB Place and Route technology for CR-8000

The new photonics bonder for sub-micron use in nano- and optoelectronics

New Phased Array Antenna Control and Calibration solution for satellite communications

Are TEDS-enabled sensors worth investing in?

New 32-bit MCU features an embedded hardware security module to safeguard industrial and consumer applications

STMicroelectronics eases development of smaller and longer-lasting smart Bluetooth devices with two new products

NXP expands S32 platform with motor control solution for software-defined vehicle edge nodes

ROHM’s new high power 120 W laser diode for LiDAR

Ultra-low capacitance ESD diodes protect automotive data interfaces

New eBook offers expert insights on embedded security

Quantum technologies: Bosch aims to use sensors to take a leading position

LOPEC 2024 Printed electronics serving patients

IOT Solutions World Congress will gather over 400 companies and 250 speakers

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