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Hardware design with PADS Professional

Mentor, a Siemens Business

Discover how PADS Professionals complete PCB design suite meets all the design, simulation, validation, and manufacture challenges faced by every small engineering team or independent engineer. Only PADS Professionals powerful and affordable design suite gives you all the horsepower needed to beat your competitors to market.

What You Will Learn:

  • How PADS Professional can be utilized as a complete product design solution for the single engineer or small group 
  • How to leverage the entire product creation flow, including design, simulation, and validation 

Doba trvání: 17 minutes


A Novel Approach to Reducing Heatsink Mass

Mentor, a Siemens Business

A systematic approach in identifying and removing underperforming parts of a heatsink will be presented. The approach entails examination of the FloTHERM predicted thermal bottleneck distribution within the heatsink geometry, removal of a small portion of the geometry where the thermal bottleneck is lowest, simulating the new bottleneck distribution and repeating the mass removal process. The resulting chart of the change in thermal resistance against the reduction in mass will indicate what opportunities exist for mass reduced, yet still thermally efficient, heatsink topologies.

Doba trvání: 18 minutes

Managing Split Planes and Power Integrity

Mentor, a Siemens Business

This webinar demonstrates how to create split planes in PADS and how to analyze them to quickly identify voltage drop and current density problems for all the voltage rails on your PCB.

Doba trvání: 27 minutes

PADS 3D Webinar

Mentor Graphics

Watch this webinar and learn more about PADS 3D capabilities including 3D clearance rule checking. Learn how to assign STEP, SAT and other 3D models to a part type. Learn how to build a 3D model library and how to auto-load these models into your designs. Learn how to setup clearance rules. And finally, learn how the numerous PADS 3D export functions including 3D PDF with fully functioning 3D viewing inside the generated PDF file. This webinar includes a Q&A session with PADS technical experts who will be available to answer your questions.

Doba trvání: 20 minut

Solving DDR Memory Challenges with Advanced Simulation

Mentor Graphics

This webinar explores the DDR memory interface and shows how an easy-to-use wizard can help you manage DDR issues during design.

Doba trvání: 15 minut

Custom Ordered Topologies in the Constraint Manager

Mentor Graphics

Understanding Custom Ordered Topologies in the Constraint Manager can simplify design strategies for complicated circuits. Custom Ordered Topologies are needed for routing Differential Pair and Complex Circuits like DDR2 and DDR3. When Engineering has nets that require specific ordering or how to setup virtual pins this Webinar is for you. Define length matching through Series Devices for ease of use. This Webinar will show the user how to create those rules quickly and teach the PCB Layout Designer how to use complex topologies properly.

Doba trvání: 33 minut


ModelSim GUI Essentials Webinar

Mentor Graphics

Learn the essentials of ModelSim. This webinar will show you how to get the most out of ModelSim’s debugging environment, providing you with a toolbox of techniques for common debugging and simulation tasks.

Doba trvání: 68 minut

Understanding the DDRx Design Flow Using HyperLynx

Mentor Graphics

The HyperLynx DDRx Wizard is a very powerful simulation engine that analyzes the standard DDRx and LPDDRx memory interfaces. This webinar goes through the intuitive design flow using HyperLynx.

Doba trvání: 20 minut


Mentor Graphics

Learn  more about PADS Professional, the most advanced PADS tool set for the independent engineer who does it all.

Doba trvání: 23 minut


Mentor Graphics

Learn about the new PADS portfolio solutions in this brief introductory webinar, then see which one is right for you.

Doba trvání: 2 minuty


Mentor Graphics

In this webinar we’ll show you how PADS differs from other tools by focusing on the core electrical problems you face every day.

Doba trvání: 18 minut



This webinar is intended for systém architects and lead hardware engineers who plan, design, partition and optimize electronic system.

Doba trvání: 20 minut

Power Integrity


This session presents aspects of achieving good power integrity by defining key concepts, showing example layouts, and using PI analysis tools to help better understand PI effects and mitigation techniques. 

Doba trvání: 28 minut

Fundamentals of PCB Design


This introductory overview of printed-circuit design treats the main difficulties you will likely meet when planning, designing, and manufacturing printed circuit boards for digital applications. From this lecture you will take away many nuggets of wisdom concerning manufacturing technology, signal integrity, EMI, power quality, thermal analysis, and project management. 

Doba trvání: 50 minut

Cost-Effective Use of HDI (Microvia) PCB Technology for SI, PI and EMC

Interference Technology

This webinar looks at what microvia board techniques are now available, and how they can be used to help achieve good EMC whilst reducing costs and getting to market more quickly.

Doba trvání: 52 minut

PCB Suppression of ICs with BGA or Multiple Power Rails

Interference Technology

This webinar covers PCB design techniques that will reduce their emissions and increase their immunity. In particular, how to get good plane meshes under them, and how to deal with their multiple power planes.

Doba trvání: 59 minut

Understanding EMC Basics: EM Field Theory & Three Types of EM Analysis

Interference Technology

The webinar describes a simple, easy non-mathematical engineering understanding of the physical underpinning of electromagnetics leads directly to design techniques for EMC that save time and money overall, improve product functional performance, increase profitability and reduce financial risks.

Doba trvání: 63 minut

Understanding EMC Basics 2: Waveforms, Spectra, Coupling, Overview of Emissions

Interference Technology

This webinar – number 2 in a series of 3 – describes a simple, easy non-mathematical engineering understanding of the physical underpinning of electromagnetics. This understanding leads directly to EMC design techniques that have been proven many times in real-life.

Doba trvání: 58 minut

Understanding EMC Basics 3: Grounding, Immunity, Overviews of Emissions and Immunity, Crosstalk

Interference Technology

This webinar – number 2 in a series of 3 – describes a simple, easy non-mathematical engineering understanding of the physical underpinning of electromagnetics. This understanding leads directly to EMC design techniques that have been proven many times in real-life.

Doba trvání: 60 minut

Tecnomatix - Preventing and resolving PCB assembly and test defects

Simens PLC

Two part webinar:

  1. Reduce programming errors on your SMT line setup; see how to virtually eliminate rotation and polarity issues.
  2. Resolve and record manufacturing defects automatically by capturing defect data from dedicated testers and repair processes and providing real-time reporting

Doba trvání: 60 minut